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A chance to be published. No, I mean by somebody else.

So my inbox contained a legitimate solicitation for my writing skills. Clearly, somebody needs to see a counselor. But since this potentially-lucrative opportunity requires me to go ahead an exploit their utterly profound lack of judgement, I need to get … Continue reading

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Yanking the proprietary chain

I was a real wiseacre in the 1990’s.  Shiftless, malcontented, and always looking to see if I could get people to reflexively answer stupid questions like,”do these stairs go up or down?” When I managed to ferret a circa-1940’s typewriter … Continue reading

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Talk about oatmeal filler

Turns out, I’ve nailed myself to an obligatory wheel, insofar as I have committed myself to writing every single day for the first year. Yesterday was a confluence of many cool things. One was the Victor Wooten clinic in San … Continue reading

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And on that note, I think I’ll Have Victor Wooten sign my ukulele

NOTE: I’m writing this knowing full well that I will be heading to San Rafael tomorrow to see Victor Wooten.  Thus the subject is presently at the forefront of my mind. Having first picked up a guitar at the age … Continue reading

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Zen, and the art of Kid Maintenance

My Dear Lucy, I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it … Continue reading

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An odd stage fright with no audience

I just realized something. I’m actually afraid to type the first sentence of the book I have in my head. In fact, I’m a tad freaked out about it, because I don’t have a reluctant writing bone in my body … Continue reading

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I’m about ready to go all David Copperfield up in here

  One thing I have learned by picking up this blogging thing at full cadence and with a committed-and-purchased web address is this: There are a LOT of us out there. If the attention of the average reader and fellow blogger … Continue reading

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