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In which I blatantly use an accordion-player’s cheekiness for my own pathetic attempt at self-promotion.

Some thirty-five years ago, my father and I were watching some telethon in which Sammy  Davis Jr. was involved.  There he stood, in a tuxedo and hand-held mic, casually making small talk after a song.  He then mentioned that his … Continue reading

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Yanking the proprietary chain

I was a real wiseacre in the 1990’s.  Shiftless, malcontented, and always looking to see if I could get people to reflexively answer stupid questions like,”do these stairs go up or down?” When I managed to ferret a circa-1940’s typewriter … Continue reading

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Trolling my barista friends

Mind you, I have two entire binders chock FULL of this kind of nonsense.  There’s something about placing the administrative/H.R. departments of various organizations in a reflexive, compulsory arm-bar–they MUST answer.  Whether or not they are in the mood to … Continue reading

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If anyone can conflate an oatmeal recipe with Holy writ, I can

Right around the turn of the millennium, I found myself working for a local Best Western establishment.  It was a desk job, and primarily one that involved a ridiculously busy cache of check-ins and telephone reservations. Even though it fell … Continue reading

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Motivational Interviewing, Gamesmanship, and the Fine Art Of Manipulative Chess

It was my exposure to Monty Python in the early days of my life (for some reason, my Texas born, depression-era father found them funny, all the while parsing out that appalling Benny Hill) that perhaps led to my love of … Continue reading

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