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More skulking around Cal’s Books

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Vlog: The Star Spangled Banner

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Video: Skulking around my favorite bookstore

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So I went into Cal’s Books today and did a little Vlogging. I also pitched the idea to the owner about using it as my own self-serving platform for the rattle and hum of the blog. He said “cool, just … Continue reading

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Book Review: FROZEN, by 3 1/2 year-old Bailee

The intellectual weighs in on fine literature.  And sings a song for you as well.

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One of those days

I’m simply going to start shutting my pie-hole about “what’s coming up” on the next day’s blog–because I can-NOT–seem to even get a single, logistical Sputnik off the tarmac, much less into the sky. That being said, I DO intend … Continue reading

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Card Trick in front of my favorite bookstore

I get it.I have a face made for radio. I also have no explanation for what kind of spastic, contortive facial-flap I do at :40.  Just move along and try not to be distracted by Captain Visage:

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Tomorrow’s outrage

I figured I’d go ahead and Vlog a small tour through my local used bookstore.  There are actually two of any worth here, but I’m going to plow right into the heart of the Kraken–that acetone-laden behemoth that calls my … Continue reading

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I should have figured

that the visceral nature of a joke that DID SEEM FUNNY TO ME at the time may have actually freaked a few of you out. I apologize for that. That’s why I left in the part about where I sat … Continue reading

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Fishing near guns is bad

There is NO REASON for this kind of fooling around. You don’t have to tell me.

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