IMG_5907So I went into Cal’s Books today and did a little Vlogging. I also pitched the idea to the owner about using it as my own self-serving platform for the rattle and hum of the blog.

He said “cool, just keep me out of it.”

But all in all, he thinks the idea is actually nice–mainly because he loves books and authors, but also the looming possibility that I could INSTANTLY become AS VIRAL AS Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, and make him famous by proxy.

As for my Vlogging today? Well . . . I can’t promise anything riveting. But I DO need to patch a few pieces together. I will start planning a little better from now on, instead of walk around with some stream-of-consciousness approach.
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT–I repeat NOT–appear to get shot in a second-string CGI edit.

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