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Man knows not his time . . . R.I.P. B.B. King

 I saw B.B. King only one time. The summer of 1985 on a high school football field in El Paso, Texas. But I heard him my whole life.  And now the man who admittedly lived within the realms of the open … Continue reading

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Bon Jovi arrested for brandishing loaded six-string on his back.

Claims to have “seen million faces,” and “rocked all.” Trenton NJ–notoriously handsome 80’s Rock and roll crooner, Jon Bon Jovi, was taken into custody for suspicion of brandishing a “loaded six string” this afternoon. Sources say it was on his … Continue reading

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Mr. Big’s Eric Martin weighs in (sort of) on the creative process.

I know two things about Eric Martin.  One is, he is the singer/front man/vocal wonder that came into my consciousness with the advent of their eponymous record in the late eighties. Having been a musician/singer nearly all my life, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s fodder and ennui

This week has been a torrential mish-mash of duties, work, caseloads and other bland-to-the-taste side orders of chronological revulsion. That also happens to be a convoluted, fibrous goiter of an excuse to explain why I’ve written almost nothing of consequence … Continue reading

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I’ve written stuff so good, I am forced to MENTION IT myself.

When magician Ricky Jay performs his playing card throwing act, in which two of the cards are thrown into the exact same spot–literally with no space between them, he berates the audience with that same line I use in my … Continue reading

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Backyard Jammin

   Playing the Uke today. Because I suddenly feel like it.  Now to the fly shop, where I can engage in the trite, anticipatory chatter about rivers, bears, and maybe Sasquatch gamesmanship.

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Liebster Award: answered, and passed long

Okay, I’ve gone through the list of questions posed to me by Minah, at SeoSundays.  I say me, but really it was me, along with ten other bloggers.  That, of course is what I’m going to do here in a … Continue reading

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Stevie and Ray. Um . . . yeah . . .

Nothing really needs to be said, beyond the fact that I WISH I had been there for this.

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All Sons & Daughters Redux, and a brief word about the songwriting process

Reasonably soon, I’m going to explore the bedrock beliefs that drive my involvement in music, the parameters I believe music has, its true purpose, and how every attempt by anyone with nefarious worldviews using it only succeed in poisoning the … Continue reading

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Writing songs

I’m in a definite “place,” lately, with regards to the writing process overall. Five songs written in the last few months–which, for me has been staggering.  Writing for the blog? Well, that comes a little easier, but the process for … Continue reading

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