Tuesday’s fodder and ennui

IMG_4986This week has been a torrential mish-mash of duties, work, caseloads and other bland-to-the-taste side orders of chronological revulsion.

That also happens to be a convoluted, fibrous goiter of an excuse to explain why I’ve written almost nothing of consequence the last couple days. With the exception of my contemplating a name change for the blog.  It seems most of you tend to like it.  Maybe I’ll just stick with the good idea fairy for now.

Tomorrow, Mr. Big’s Eric Martin weighs in on the creative process for me.  Or . . . at least that’s sort of what he did.  He told me he didn’t have an answer, then provided very brief examples that essentially did answer my questions in a short paragraph.

Also, I’ve been scouring Amazon.com for odd books.  How an independent bookseller charges $3000.00 for a book I can get for 30?  Wow. I’m wondering if their little acetone-addled, book-wormy IT uploaders went into delirium tremens when trying to sell the surplus of National Geographics in the public market.

Lastly. I’m finally starting a novel.  As Bethany, the gracious and talented artist/bookseller who sold me a book today said, “it’s not going to get done unless you do it.”

And she is right.  As I told her, “That’s my wife’s philosophy, too.”

I guess that means they are both right.

So there you are.  Tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Tuesday’s fodder and ennui

  1. Steve says:

    Hmm… I wonder if that’s a Venus thing. I can whittle a day away and procrastinate with the best of them. My wife, on the other hand, does things when they need to get done. Drives me crazy sometimes.

    Btw, “and other bland-to-the-taste side orders of chronological revulsion.

    Like it! A nice turn of a phrase.

  2. jim hoilman says:

    A typical Ron phrase, but again there is nothing typical about the master of none


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