Tenkara and Flies (TAF)–a tutorial. Soon.

I’ve discovered something.

With just one iphone app, I can practically replicate Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, including onboard cgi, masking, and roto-scoping.

Or, I can make a fly-tying video that might look cool, without having to go a thousand dollars for a DSLR right now.

So tomorrow, I might just post a video of a short, easy tutorial of this fly–which I haven’t named yet. Also this fly looks horrible, because I was hastily tying one to look interstitial *— you know “mid tie,” so I could grab a screen shot of what the footage will look like.  besides, it looks all rustic and productive for me to take a shot like that.

If you are looking into making a film, using only an iPhone, the app called Filmic Pro is what you want. It has controls over white balance, focus and lighting that you can lock into place for each scene.

Don’t believe me? That a film of decent grade is possible?   Watch me. Soon enough you will see.

* Okay, look.  I know that “interstitial ” probably doesn’t apply here.  Chances are, you were too busy to run up a separate tab and Google it anyway.  I could have just left the word lying there and not said a word.  But that’s not me.  
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2 Responses to Tenkara and Flies (TAF)–a tutorial. Soon.

  1. prhea1st says:

    Filmic pro is a bit buggy…. I wonder if the varying results are typical with every user ?


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