Tapping the famous on the shoulder

So . . . I’ve got a few famous friends out there that, for some odd reason or another, manage to associate with me against their better judgement, despite the fact that I bring nothing to the game except for obscurity and blandness.

Some of them are musicians.  Some of them are writers.  Some of them are actors.

Some them are in prison.

Okay, maybe I’m going a bit too far with the whole “sophisticated street cred” thing.

I’m hoping to conduct some interviews–about the creative process, about the inspirational flashpoints–about anything in general.  I’m hoping that I can prevail upon them from time to time, and create a specific feature here–a reference point for those looking to further their own careers.

I have not–nor will I–ask any of them to “give me a shout out” as an artificial way to gain followers.  I’m not Stedman.  I’m not Ed McMahon.  I’m certainly not “that lady” . . . you know, “Oprah’s best friend.”

But I do hope my proximity can help me pay a few things forward.  Who knows, I probably stand to gain the most, since I never do get to ask these questions very often anyway.

And besides, ONE of them is going to have to tell me how to get my Taylor 314 CE to the Philippines.

I’m even petitioning a few people I admire, whom I have never met, just to see if they will leave their first estate, come down off Mt. Olympus, and meet with a crusty serf for a while.

Anyway.  It’s worth a try.  Even the rejections can be worth noting–subtly, of course.  I ain’t no dry snitch.


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