With Apologies To Dickens

In 2002, I published what is to date, my only book.  Don’t get excited, I didn’t get all hyfie in the ISBN numbering anteroom, I just self-published.

I could tell you all about that 22-page manuscript, that, while not some best seller-amongst the sleight-of-hand guys, did manage to make a few bibliographies where the art is concerned–especially with this particular form of presentational performance: The story deck trick. But instead, I’ll just let the routine itself do the talking.  By all means, please forward this to your friends.  Maybe they’ll like a hack’s take on Dickens’ home run story.

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6 Responses to With Apologies To Dickens

  1. Ashley Zotzman says:

    Ok that was pretty neat! Loved the story and the cards were flawless! This makes me want it to be Christmas already!

  2. Ann says:

    That is so cool, Ron! I loved it!!!

  3. Eric_Matlosz says:

    Hi Ron, great work!

    Is there any chance we can still purchase the book that this is in?



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