Do I think I can fool Penn & Teller? No idea


A new routine: still being devised.

I’m not even sure that is really the idea of anyone thinking they can beat the premise–and some manage to do it.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of going on that show just to say I did it.  Just to say I did a cool card trick before millions of people.

To the uninitiated (and yet still coming from guy for whom television isn’t one of my fortes anymore), Penn & Teller have managed to forge a career out of being the “bad boys of Magic.” This has been garnered through what has been allegedly “exposure” routines–routines in which long-held secrets of legerdemain are flayed open for the entire world to see.

But really, the secrets are neither interesting, nor inaccessible.  The premise of this show is one of the American Idol sort, where magicians attempt to fool the seated duo, and those succeeding will be awarded with the chance to open P & T’s show for one evening.

Oh, and there is one major departure from American Idol.  Unlike the half the judges on that show, Penn & Teller are actually master at their craft. I’m not sure I ever could stomach having Paula Abdul sit in judgement of anyone’s vocal acumen. Dance? Yes.  But c’mon.  Blowing Kisses in the Wind should’ve never had air time.

Now, I guess that would be cool, inspire of the fact that my own act is devoid of the visceral, Grand Guignol vascularity and occasional F-Bombs.  But I just want to go to Vegas and try–and show an entire world a brief glimpse of yet another skill set I’ve forged for over half my life.

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