Finally, the step out . . .


I have this friend named Stu, who told me his conversations go like this:

“I’m headed to work today. Can’t wait to get there.”

“Why, what are you going to do?”

“Play Ukulele all day, and you?”

This doesn’t necessarily mean gigging–although in his case, it does sometimes.

He teaches.

So today–TODAY–I officially certify into place the first official–student slots into what I hope becomes the new chapter in my life; passing the guitar and ukulele torches to others through the same channels that inspire me:

Let’s make cool sounds.

What isn’t so clear, is every cohesive avenue towards teaching others.  Everyone is different.

So I’m heading into the ether to see what happens.  Oddly enough, I have a feeling my own journey–if chronicled correctly, will be of vast importance to others.

But for now, I defer my inspirational flash points to Bass virtuoso, Victor Wooten:


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1 Response to Finally, the step out . . .

  1. Pam says:

    Just share yourself. That’s what we all want from gifted geniuses.


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