Yes, Minister: The Five Standard Excuses

One of my father‘s influences, was for him to constantly eschew network television in favor of PBS.  of course, this is before PBS became the current PBS.  This, would be where I’d discover Monty Python, Is There A Doctor In The House, and a myriad of lesser-known british shows.

None of them compared to Yes, Minister; a show that was so intellectually and satirically ahead of the pack.  Even as a kid, I found this to be my favorite series for brain-food.  I certainly glommed on to it, and it certainly catered to my inherent love with fooling about in the playground of the English language.

This clip is not an outlier.  Is it what made the series genius.  Based on the book, The Complete Yes Minister, the diaries of a cabinet minister.

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1 Response to Yes, Minister: The Five Standard Excuses

  1. Patrick says:

    That show was addictive…


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