Magic for Libraries, Lockdowns, and Just because

When this whole pandemic thing took off, the lockdowns in California were as bellicose as perhaps anywhere else.  I for one, did not take to it very well, and judging by the societal trajectory that I see at the moment (not to mention the long march through the institutions), neither did anyone else.

I started posting magic tricks on Facebook on a near daily basis.  This got a lot of traffic, as others seemed to rally appreciate the gesture.  Oddly enough, I was doing it for me as much as them.

Needless to say, I had a ton of show cancellations, to include an annual one I do for my Local Library.  Ultimately this led to me creating a montage of these videos, which has been posted here on my local library’s site.  If you’re click-squeamish, just check out the embedded version below.

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1 Response to Magic for Libraries, Lockdowns, and Just because

  1. Jack Shalom says:

    Lots of fun! Many thanks.


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