PLEASE–let me be like this guy when I am old.

I submit for inspection, the following picture: 

I could not have had a greater moment of catharsis when I saw this. I literally told myself I was within speaking distance of a demi-god.

This monstrosity was parked in front of my local, organic-meets-health-meets-non-GMO-ish health food store. It also happens to be the place I buy filtered water for our home dispenser.

But never mind that. LOOK at the aplomb–the unabashed “I could give a RIP” sense of assurance that guided this ship into port. It is EPIC.

To be so at ease with ones self that the occasion to engage in the preparatory steering compensation that arcs a military-grade behemoth into a parking space just becomes an option is what I want out of life.

That guy could care less. He must sleep like a LOG.

When he’s not signing autographs. I’m not sure I even want to know what he looks like. I just know from the staff that he “does it every time he comes in.”

That’s all I care about: that he consistently could care less.

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1 Response to PLEASE–let me be like this guy when I am old.

  1. Ann says:

    That’s exactly what I thought – that this guy is gonna live forever with that kind of attitude! So much for us folk who obey the rules! LOL! Love this post!


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