WordPress REALLY LIKES this trout pic

I submit to you, the following picture:


This is a picture of the Onchorynchis Mykiss Stonei–the McCloud River Rainbow trout. Taken on my April 25th jaunt up the hill. Go ahead. Click on it.  It’s a cool pic.

It has also become the default picture that Facebook grabs when I post my newest blog offerings, making all my readers think I’m billboarding my writing with the same, sorry picture.  Unless I deliberately go into the setting of each blog post and specifically assign it a picture, faceBook will continually assign this picture as a default.

But is it FaceBook, or WordPress?  My guess it’s the latter.  I say this because their Iphone app makes me mad, and I need to lash out like a big baby.  You know, kind of like the losers that litigate their injuries to the thing nearest them with the most money.

But really, I do think it’s WordPress.  And I apologize for homogenizing the graphic.

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