Coming up Monday

FullSizeRender-2I don’t thing I’m ever going to get over the anticipatory coolness of that phrase.  Besides, the dullness, and phlegmatic nature of the weekend begs for something of intrigue.  Which I intend to do.

First of all, I’ll remind you that tomorrow kicks off the local “Loot finding” expedition.  Even though many of you are not from this area, I’ll post the clues anyway, to show you what kind of odd cipher I may be up against–IF and I repeat IF the clue isn’t some hastily written illumination.

I have a couple of book reviews coming up. Dunning Kreuger called me.  Apparently his latest book review got him all tangled up in a coven meeting or something. I guess he’ll have to be the one to explain that.

Anyway, that’s the rundown for now. I’m at a Mother’s Day celebration at the moment. Perhaps I have another little post in me later. One of appreciation to you all.

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