Update on my “fireside chats with successful people” idea.


 I Actually don’t intend to call it that–I mean why would I want to dump Franklin D. Out of his originality chair? 

I unexpectedly got my first hit the other day–an email from an author whose work I am just now really digging in to. They have a unique take on a fictional vehicle very popular at the moment–especially in both film as well as television.

One hint–it involves zombies. BUT–this particular trajectory for them is unlike anyone else. Though, I must admit, without further clarification, it invokes the same response my friend Tim says when he hears people discuss The Walking Dead at work. He says:

“I’ll bet they’re still dead. And there’s still lots of walking, too!”

I don’t want to say who it is yet, because I need a couple more of their books under my belt before I submit my questions.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, and maybe not.

Oh, yeah. This will not be a phone interview–but in this case, it’s better off, because I’d probably mess that up with misattributions and other unintended malfeasance.

Besides, my handwriting is atrocious.

I also think writing a series of questions, taking a thoughtful approaches within the ebbs and flows of my own odd thinking, instead of trying to go all “Barbara Walters” on them is a good idea. 

The only drawback is–if one of my questions is particularly evocative–I won’t have the luxury of a follow-up question. Unless, of course they allow me that before I go to post.

Either way, it should be interesting. I’m hoping I’m smart enough to ask decent questions.

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