I’m posting a poll. PLEASE make it look like this place is overrun

So I was sitting at dinner tonight, after the Easter play, and I started listening to our waiter reference his Zodiac sign in some kind of context.

“I’m going to wrIte about that subject,” I said.  Everyone sitting there knew straight away–I have an epic rant about it somewhere in me–some cosmological tirade waiting to come out.

And you know, I do. But I also have one about the recent spate of divergent razors I’ve purchased lately.  I had no idea that shaving technology could have so many qualitative chasms between them.  But I was wrong. The tourniquet on my carotid artery from this morning proves it.

Of course, there is always the default category–and the one that is likely to win–mainly because I think we carry a collective-consciousness from Rome.  We like coliseum fights.  We like conflict. We like bloodletting.  We like to stop at traffic accidents and point.

And unless, I actually slice my carotid artery on video here, I have a feeling that the polls could skew heavily for the subject of “de-friending people from Facebook.”  Especially from those here that actually have come to appreciate the way I peel forth with a vengeance on subjects with such creative latitude baked right into them.  I mean, the calculus is: I define bad people, zero in on bad people, and then make a public and colorful tirade about launching bad people into the ether.

Even more paradoxical–maybe I’m a bad person. So there is a risk index.

Of course I’m funny when I do that stuff.  To this day, not a single post I have made has superseded the deluge I experienced when I took the sanctimonious loadie to task for pretending to care about the medicinal effects of marijuana. But I bet I could get close with a well-crafted tirade about FaceBook malevolence, too.

Anyway, please weigh it out.  I’m liable to write about all this anyway, but I thought I’d prime the pumps, and allow for a tiny bit of interactive input, too.


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4 Responses to I’m posting a poll. PLEASE make it look like this place is overrun

  1. Steve says:

    I voted for “Brand-name razor comparisons. A few months ago, for some inexplicable reason, the brand of razor I was using could no longer be found in stores. It could have been because it was effective and I rarely cut myself with it. Who needs that in a disposable razor? Anyway, my wife came back with a brand I didn’t like (Did I mention I don’t like shopping?) so she tried another one, which I eventually settled on as “alright” and I could live with it. We’ll see how long that one stays on the market. I’d sound of on my recent deodorant dilemma, but I’m not ready to be that self-disclosing on your blog.

  2. Steve says:

    I was thinking, today, about this post. De-friending someone on Facebook raises an interesting question of what it takes to be someone’s friend on FB. What is the criteria for “friending” someone?

    Someone I know? Know well? A friend of a friend? A casual acquaintance? Someone I knew vaguely in high school that I haven’t seen for 30 years, and didn’t really have much interaction with back then? Does the criteria for being someone’s friend on FB change with age? In other words, is there a generational gap in how we decide who to be friends with and who not to be friends with?

    We used to joke in the crisis clinic that half our work would go away if we didn’t have social media – especially among teens and young adults.

    So once the criteria for friending someone is established, then maybe it is easier to establish why someone should be unfriended. Btw, as you can probably tell from this comment, I’m not all that FB savvy. I do have an account, but rarely spend any time there.

    De-friending people on FB is leading your poll, currently, so it must be of interest to people.

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