I see Tech 21 managed to hear about the supreme nether-lout arresting the control from me to review the new OMG/Richie Kotzen pedal.  I love the fact that somebody alerted them before even I could.  Either that makes me a pariah, or somewhat clever.  Apparently they felt it clever enough to provide me some decent traffic via FaceBook.

I just want to say a word about Tech 21 NYC.  These are stellar people, who really do care about their product, and customers.  Keeping company with the likes of Doug Pinnick (King’s X) only underscores this fact.  What I found particularly amazing at NAMM was Doug’s availability—he was literally all over the place.  I was a bit hoodwinked by the incredible line to meet him during his autograph session, because I figured his availability would sit in direct contrast to his demand.  Yet, a half hour later, there was Doug, standing at the bass rig, passing his instrument off to anyone that truly wanted to dialogue about tone—with no crowd whatsoever.  The man truly likes people, and he truly loves music, musicianship, and people.

Also, a music teacher and friend, of whom I have great respect, messaged me yesterday to say that she was going to read a portion of one of my more reflective pieces.  If you’ve followed this blog with anything south of a Rat-terrier’s circumspection, you’ll know that I am a die-hard fan of CS Lewis.

Apparently, something I wrote was deemed worthy of being entered into the public discourse at the University.  I’m interested to know how that goes.

So, in short, it’s nice to have one’s writing appreciated.  Even if this blog never does get me a gainful, creative desk at some fine publication, I at least have the solace of knowing I rock in the underground.


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