One last screed before bed time

the old McCloud Hospital

A co-worker today told me I should “make another movie” about fly fishing.

“But this time,” he said, “make a film for people that introduces them to the basics.”

Not a bad idea. I do realize, my last film sort of assumed that the primary viewer was steeped well enough past the infatuatiory, “River Runs Through It” kind of non-acumen. It was specifically calibrated for a film festival that never materialized for my film. It also assumed the majority of the audience would agree with the antagonistic premise: that I have indeed, become the entomological Bruce Jenner to a sport in which I was reasonably respected.

Anyway, I’m thinking of making an introductory Tenkara film–replete with the usual Atrocities I commit in the narration. I think I could pull it off and make it definitive.

Also, it needs a Bigfoot hoax. 

So to the planning stages I go.

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