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An odd stage fright with no audience

I just realized something. I’m actually afraid to type the first sentence of the book I have in my head. In fact, I’m a tad freaked out about it, because I don’t have a reluctant writing bone in my body … Continue reading

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I Am Not Responsible For Justin Beiber

It’s bad enough that I’m having to cut back on roaming to and fro in the earth as it is–that and trying to swat down any of this horrid nonsense that I am somehow responsible for this one-off, repurposed Vanilla … Continue reading

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If anyone can conflate an oatmeal recipe with Holy writ, I can

Right around the turn of the millennium, I found myself working for a local Best Western establishment.  It was a desk job, and primarily one that involved a ridiculously busy cache of check-ins and telephone reservations. Even though it fell … Continue reading

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