Possibly my worst post

I say this because It’s been a long day, in which yours truly does not feel good.  It’s a day that encompasses fatigue, annoyance, and a general internal consensus that I am becoming psychologically staged for some real life-changes.

This also means struggling with inspirational turns.  Such as today–if it weren’t for some cumbersome millstone of “writing every day” for the first year at least, I perhaps would’ve just crawled back into my overtaxed, ruminatory mind’s eye and called it a day.

It did occur to me to write a couple of trolling letters, to see what would happen.  In fact, I’m not sure those guys at the Cupertino Apple factory will think I’m joking; they might actually have to pay me royalties for my stupid idea.

More on that soon.  I have an epic rant that led me to write the letter.  The idea, of course is not to come off like a complete crackpot–just mildly disoriented with potential–kind of like Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.

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2 Responses to Possibly my worst post

  1. Steve says:

    Ah, midlife… a glorious time!

    Read up on Erik Erikson’s theory and see where you are at in it. He was one of the few developmental theorists (at the time) who proposed that adults continued to go through developmental stages all the way through old age.

    I think most creative people struggle with inspiration on a regular basis. I highly recommend a couple of fictional books by Chaim Potok dealing with a number of things, including creative inspiration. The first one, “My Name is Asher Lev” sets up the second one, “The Gift if Asher Lev” in which the drying up of the creative well figures prominently.

  2. mammaflybox says:

    I nominated you for a Most Influential Blogger Award 🙂 Keep it up! Pass it along if you want to later down the road or when ever!


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