How’s a man supposed to carry on after this?

image01I just got my hands on a copy of Byron Preiss’ The Secret, knowing full well that the one treasure nearest me has not been recovered.

There’s this thing that went through my head: What if I can look at the painting and see something no one else has seen?  What if some experiential one-off in my life grants me the one iota of arcane knowledge that lets me see right through the veil?

I knew people have been looking for these since 1982 in various ebbs and flows. Most recently flows, thanks to that appalling human being, Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown, bringing it back into the consciousness of a fat and stupid public.

Incidentally, my rage-stroke jealousy of Gate’s ridiculous career as and ersatz Indiana Jones manifested itself in this petition, in which I am trying to blatantly have him fired and have myself installed.  So far it has only 4 signatures.  And this, I’m told by my usually-supportive friends is because, while they love my snarky, satirical Spruce Goose here, they also love Josh gates so much that they can’t even sign a petition doomed to failure, in the event he sees it.

Besides, I like him, too.

Back to the searches. I figured theories would abound.  I just did not expect a post-graduate, Rain Man-meets-Marilyn Vos Savant Magnum opus like this.  And this is from a year and a half ago.  Plus, I think he may be right.  But yet, my hyperinflated ego, need for the ultimate mic-drop, and the rhythmic cancer from Social media that says the last word is never the last word as long as another word-utterer is hanging about waiting to utter words–will not allow me to let it go.

But good grief.  This guy’s effort is actually more fun to read than the actual book.

Also, I think I’ve found something new.  Probably means nothing, but hey.

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