No really. I’m still here. I’m just here in Portuguese

I could try to take you down every single emotional, situational and logistical rabbit-hole that’s slightly derailed my writing, but I won’t.

Here’s the problem with being me: Me.

In fact, I named the blog something that was a subtle inference about the odd amalgam of talents that comprise my essential being; I’d like to compare myself to epic Renaissance Man, Thomas Jefferson, insofar as my interests in anything and everything are far and wide, but I won’t. I know better than that.  So did president Kennedy, when, hosting a dinner of Nobel-laureate scientists for a Whitehouse dinner, once said “There hasn’t been a greater quantity of intelligence gathered in this room since Thomas Jefferson dined here alone.”

cpsI put quotes there, but I’m too lazy to look up the actual one right now.

One of my fascinations has been language.  Many years ago, I started to learn Hungarian, because I was in the frequent company of some dear, Hungarian friends.  The problem with this is, they ALL moved away, and I was left to say cute and flowing phrases from the region Magyar by myself.

A few years later, I got it in my mind that I wanted to interpret for the deaf.  And, believe it or not, I did wind up doing this for a spell–a rather tumultuous spell, complete with the pratfalls that come with a lack of experience.

At least I am conversationally-fluent.  And that feels good, because I am legitimately bi-lingual in this one area.

So now, I’m headed down the long road to Portuguese. And by that I mean Brazilian Portuguese.  This is by and large because the heretofore-mentioned band, Oficina G3,  noticed me on Instagram, and sent some 900 mazing, awesome, and . . . wow, SPIRITED Brazilians careening my way.  I already had some dear friends over there.  Now, I might actually make it over there this next year,and I happen to LOVE the language.

So in my interactions with them–this group being almost entirely Christian, I began to discover that a raging eddy of CS Lewis fans exist in Brazil, and that his greatest works have been translated into Portuguese. And this goes double for epic-work-that-will-forever-eclipse-all-for-me:  Mere Christianity.

I was somewhat skeptical that his work could carry the same magical, preternatural descriptive wind that it does in English.  But since I started extracting key quotes from the Portuguese editions and making “Memes” with them, I see the same reactions in the hearts and minds of the Brazilian: they are stunned.

So I have desire to speak the language.  But I have  secondary desire to read the language as well.  And read it in a way that I can formulate a thought in that language.

I’ve already found an E-edition of the book and downloaded into my Nook.  But I want a hard copy.  I’m going to do this.

And the journey is now underway.

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2 Responses to No really. I’m still here. I’m just here in Portuguese

  1. Anonymous says:

    And you WILL do this Ron!!! I believe in you! And, I am sure EVERYONE else does too!


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