Blogging from the Mountain Star Cafe

IMG_6224Later today, I’ll be hopefully making a Vlog from this amazing place. A place buried in the center of a mercantile building from the gold rush days of a building seated at the foot of Mount Shasta.

I thought I was here to fish.  But not so much this time.  The heat is on, and the trout don’t exactly take to being the conciliatory sort when they need the sanctuary of colder waters.

I was going to work on the second chapter for my book, but I’ve changed gears for the moment.  See I have this problem: I make friends with an entire room of people.  Then, I get myself into conversations–mind you conversations I enjoy–but I tend to get derailed IMG_5418from the cognitive solitude I thought I was going to maintain when I walked in.

And . . . there’s people in here.

Such is the millstone hung about the neck of the garden-variety, conversational gadfly that’s interested in nearly everything at some level.

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2 Responses to Blogging from the Mountain Star Cafe

  1. Steve says:

    I do the same thing. It’s called avoidance. That’s why although I had all my course work done in 2011 I didn’t graduate until 2013 due to my final paper for the program not being written. There was something de-motivating about a 40-60 page research paper. Instead I channeled the extra time I should have been working on the paper into cleaning out my office and losing 75 pounds. After I did those things I ran out of legitimate excuses for not working on my paper.

    One thing you might try that worked for me… I actually scheduled days to work on my writing where I made myself go to the library and write, as it was “on my schedule to do.” The library turned out to be a pretty good place as there is an expectation of quiet and when you do socialize with other people you would get annoyed looks from the other people seeking quiet.

    • Ron Giesecke says:

      It might be that, but I’m actually excited to finally jam this thing. Even more, I am reading an O’Brien novel right now (Strangers & Sojourners) which makes me want to head down the Leif Enger turnpike as well.

      Let me know if you get your hands on that Flannery Bio. It’s a small book, but . . . wow. I wish I had known her.


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