Written: the first sentence of my first novel 

IMG_6188Unbelievable. After EIGHT LONG YEARS of having the idea for my first fictional offering in my head, I managed to grab my Iphone, open the “notes” app, and scrawl the first thirteen words.

And suddenly, I feel this immense sense of freedom—as if the entire thing is going to suddenly pop out of the ether in one big mass.

Why? Why did I sit and stew for years about how to start the thing? Now, it is possible, my story’s trajectory may have been too larval and unrefined those years ago. And I’d like to think that—instead of turf off this revelation to the simple, explanatory prognoses of constipatory cognitive insecurities.

Those thirteen words have opened the wardrobe for me. And now, the quasi historical carjacking along the Mississippi 61 Interstate is about to go vertical.

Stand by. An author may be among you.


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8 Responses to Written: the first sentence of my first novel 

  1. Keep writing! No matter what, keep writing. Cheers!

  2. Jim Gibson says:

    An author IS among us…

  3. Steve says:

    “The journey of a thousand words begins with the first one.” And you have 13!

  4. Josh F says:

    A job once begun is half done…. Mary Poppins

  5. Queen Aej says:

    LOL, I’m staring at my first page, then take a break, and see this post….ironic….good luck to both of us with our first books! *fingers crossed…but only between typing, right?*


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