and another word about Vlogging

Wow.  If you add up the sum total of the cathartic reactions I’m getting to the “aesthetically compromised man in his backyard talking about stuff” video, it’s starting to make me think my wife may have been on to something when she told me I need to do that sort of thing.


Of course, there is my cautionary side.  My traffic stats show an unusual plurality towards that last video entry.  But traffic accidents, fights, and the uber-melancholic Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man also drew crowds that tested the Barabbas-level jurisprudence of the masses.


But since the “rant”—if you will—is something that comes to me a natural consequence of my personality, why not?  I actually predict they will get a little better.  The idea that I’m speaking to a camera when no one is home creates a slight issue of acclimation for me.  But not much.  I’ll get it.

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