And  I was right. The clue-writer is an idiot.


 Just as I figured.  They handed the clue-writing job of to someone with all the haiku subtlety of Jason from Friday the 13th:


Shasta Dam construction is not there,
School, Dancing, Singing if you care


I’m not going to publicly speculate the exact spot.  But I WILL say this: I was slightly wrong about its placement in proximity to the river.  But this clue, if one has even the SLIGHTEST MODICUM OF HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE about the area, is the equivalent of giving out GPS Coordinates—AND handing out a GPS locator.


Cue the unemployed to the rallying point.  I hope your $450.00 gives you many hours of Grand Theft Auto.


My prediction as to where it is under the Codex tab on this site.  Thus far, two people have figured out the password.


Second update: bad information. Sorry.

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