Friday ruminations 

One of the difficult decisions about posting new blog posts on top of others is whether or not to bury perfectly good posts under ones like this, that have zero caloric value.

The reason is plain. I’d like for a few recent things–especially yesterdays’s article “about” spoilers to see more traffic than it did, because I was personally proud of it.

I wonder whether or not if the “breakthrough” moment for this blog will be something that goes all pyro from the beginning, or when an old wine skin sees a new day.

We all want that moment. I for one, would love to blog for a living. I can’t imagine a day that it really happens, but I will flail away nonetheless.

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2 Responses to Friday ruminations 

  1. It’s all about tags. Find the right ones and people will see it. If few searched Spoilers or Reading or mysteries then you would get little traffic. Maybe that post could have used something like: Books, (whatever genre the book was), Rant, etc. Think about if you were looking for an article like that, what would you search for? Maybe not ‘spoilers’ because normally that would mean you want something to be spoiled. It really was a good post.

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