The tie-dye mouse

So I need to explain this for a minute.  Most of you won’t realize this, but this is a horribly-wound version of a mouse.  I discovered that it was going to run off the rails when I started tying this with regular sewing thread–something way too thick and clubby for this.

Anyway, this was going to be a tutorial.  I tried filming it, but the qualitative mass delivered by Filmic Pro made my file so big, that I ran out of space before I had concluded.

So now, I have to delete a whole bunch of other stuff . . . apps, pics, movies,and such, to make enough room to shoot six minutes in that kind of definition.

That’s what I get for settling for a 16 gig iPhone 6.  I could use my Ipad2, but the camera quality is not as good . . . at least I think . . . hmmmm, maybe.

So, the pic.  his is colored deer hair, spun onto the hook through a technique called–oddly enough–“hair spinning.”  This hair did not “spin as much as I needed it, thus the segmented look.  I promise, I will not demonstrate the creation of some inferior rodent when I actually do get it up and going.  Plus, many of you might actually want to try it.


The uninitiated might balk at this even being viable as trout lure.  But you’re wrong.  because this is skittered along the top of the water, to replicate a mouse swimming.  And the color is almost inconsequential, because the trout see it as a shadowed profile from underneath.

Oh yeah,and most of you probably subtly understood that trout feed on caddis, mayflies, mosquitoes, flies, and ants.  But they also have a nasty, carnivorous streak.  And if a trout hits this thing, you will know it,because the violent, vitriolic reflex-strike is ungodly . . .

Anyway. Click on the pic–if for no other reason than to illustrate the iPhone 6 camera’s qualitative base.

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