Coming up on Monday’s show

ruggedTomorrow, I’ll be laying waste to this absurd–albeit probably lucrative release of The Book of Yeezus–the “Bible,” or should I say reconfigured Book of Genesis–that removes the word “God” and replaces it with the name “Kanye.”  Yes, that’s right. Kanye West.  The man who married an erstwhile porn star and had a kid with a nomenclature that IS going to get him beat up in North Hollywood one day.

Anyway,it’s a pretty funny article. I’m just waiting until tomorrow to post it.  Because I’m selfish.

Seriously, I like the whole”coming upon Monday’s show” feel.  The problem is:

  • I have a face for radio.
  • I don’t have the production steam to put out a daily video show.

But I will be venturing video from time to time.  Not just that pesky fly-tying stuff, either.  I’m talking guitar, ukulele, magic tricks and the like.  And I’m going to make cool graphic video intros for them all.

Also, I have this other mission I am titling Operation Jonny Lang. I want to jam with him on the guitar one day. I guess I’m going to have to make a lot of noise over here until he shows up and promptly invites me to play in his band.

By the way, I’d be glad to make some video stuff for you too.  But you have to be willing to work with me on your vision, AND . . . um, well  . . .  pay me.FullSizeRender-2

Unless you’re Jonny Lang.  But then again, I can composite myself on a stage with him and make it look like I am in his band.  But I’d rather play with him for real . . .

On another note, I’ve discovered that a book I wrote in 2002 is now showing up in a few bibliographies.  And no, there is not an ISBN number, so the three-thousand of you that immediately jumped over to Amazon to find it will be disappointed.

I’ll write about it this week.  It’s kind of odd, actually, being referenced in the “historical” run-down of a particular art form. never gave it any thought that 13 years later, it actually became a legitimate cog in the artisan’s wheel.

And lastly, I will be interviewing author Stant Litore, about his Book series that melds biblical history and . . . well, zombies.  But that could be a couple weeks out, since I need to finish a book I am reading of his first.  I’d prefer to not come off as an uninformed nitwit.

Maybe an informed one, but that’s different.

Oh, yeah, and one more thing:


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