Onward . . . and upward.


So . . . I managed to take some “decent” traffic over my ten-point screed about what kind of ne’er-do-well one has to be to get jettisoned from my Facebook brain trust.

And by “decent” I mean “not as good as my marijuana tirade from the blog’s inception period.”

But I guess that will have to do. It is one of those pieces however, that could get picked up later, since it has nothing terribly time-sensitive about it.

On the literary front, I am finishing a book by author Stant Litore, who has consented to give me a written interview about his books, writing, and thinking. Very gracious is he.

That’s it for tonight. I’m thinking, though, that maybe I will start keeping my significant ordinance powder dry until the weekend passes; that is to say, I will perhaps do news commentary on current stuff (I’m not doing politics here. I’ve resolved not to because I had my day in that sun, and it wore me down), covering it with my usual bite and slap.

So, perhaps I’ll lay in here with the promised shaving tech takedown. Or talk about Kanye West’s actual messianic complex.  Or write prayers and supplications to an egotistical rapper who immediately conjures pictures of meekness, live and sacrifice when his name is invoked.

Or, just post unbolted thoughts. My goal is to write every day, and I intend to do that–even if it suffers a few qualitative tremors.

Come to think of it, Kanye’s going down.  I’m going to blaspheme this 2nd-string demi-god in real time.  And an angry little god he is, so hopefully he doesn’t smite me with his sippy-cup.


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