As we head into Friday

I’ve written A slightly longer piece about Good Friday. 

It has hope embedded in it. It’s a dimension of who I am–what I was created to be.

And yet–I still enter the weekend with my own  trepidations. Even I can start to flag–to get bogged down in my inability to see over the dashboard. I can be as easily bummed out as the next guy. And there is no sin in that.

Because we all need hope. All of us.

Some days, I simply feel like I’m going to lose it.

Especially–these days.

Just sayin.

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1 Response to As we head into Friday

  1. Steve says:

    The amount of unbelief that surrounded the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is interesting to think about in light of our own faith struggles. Just by showing up to church this Sunday, we will be exercising more faith than those closest to Jesus did on that first day of the week nearly 2000 years ago.


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