On starting my own show . . . or, er, maybe not

So, when I actually made my film on the McCloud River, I built a whole array of jibs, steady-cams and cable-runners to accomplish the pseudo-epic shots I got with my GoPro.

Now, I just need a mount for my iPhone 6. And I can’t find one. Yet.  But I will.  I’d like to start. I’d like to start because, despite the fact that I look like a fiber-optic chia pet with pasty, pachydermatic skin, and a row of bottom teeth that look like an aerial view of Stonehenge–I’d like to start vlogging a bit.  if not start my own show outright.

Actually, the idea came from my teenage daughter, who likes to watch Blimey Cow:

and Good Mythical Morning:

She said, “hey dad, why don’t you and I co-host our own show, where we can talk about topical issues.”

I thought to myself. Wow.  This beautiful, mercurial, and completely beholden to the turns of hormonal teenage  fluctuations wants to do a show with dad.  That’s remarkable, since she never wants to be seen with me.

The next day, I asked her”

“You still want to do that show?”

“Yes,” she said.

Then a moment later:

“Dad, are you going to tell people about our show?”

“um … well, I was thinking that having a show meant having people to show it to, yes.”

“Never mind then.”

And the car goes right into the crowd. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m making a cool opening trailer for. . . I guess whatever it is I’m going to be trying next.  Adobe, here I come again. But until then, enjoy this video of me being hit by a car:

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