Richie Kotzen has changed my tone

I just received my new guitar pedal from Tech 21. All I can say is “wow.” I’ll be reviewing it Monday, after I use it live–actually, THAT opportunity may come Friday.

This thing is a beast.

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5 Responses to Richie Kotzen has changed my tone

  1. Steve says:

    Looking forward to the review. Tech 21 has some cool stuff.

    • Met Richie at NAMM. Andrew, Dale and everyone I’ve met or interacted with have been great. I am forever a fan. If they ever work up a California production site, I will be knocking on their doors to be a part of the team.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve thought about getting one of their SansAmp Character Series pedals. They look interesting. I have an electrical engineer friend, who is a guitar player, who will mod most any pedal and make it better. I think he likes taking guitars apart as much as playing them. He can rebuild amps, too. He’s offered to rebuild an old Fender Twin Reverb amp another friend of mine has that dates back to the early 1970’s. Still sounds nice, and I imagine it would sound even nicer having the tubes and capacitors redone. I think my next amp will be a Fender Blues Jr.

    • Blues Jr. Is exactly what I’m playing now. I’m not much on effects, and to be honest, I’ve been playing it stock for years, with the overdrive button pushed in, the volume all the way up, and the. Adjusted from the master pot. This pedal allows me to take 100 percent of my grit from the pedal. The. I can channel out to all my clean stuff.

  3. Steve says:

    The Twin Reverb that one of my friends has sounds a whole lot better with the volumes turned all the way up on the amp, and simply controlling it from the volume of my guitar. Has that nice “breaking” sound – a little bit of distortion, but no too much. It brings the character out on that particular amp. I learned that trick from my electrical engineer friend. He mentioned most of the advances in amps in years gone by were the result of mistakes, or mods, that sounded cool. The Blues Jr. has gotten some great reviews and it might just be in my price range someday – especially if I can find one used. I’m sure 15 watts is all I’ll need at this stage of my life.


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