Derailed By The McCloud River

Well,you know what they say:

“The best laid plans . . . ”

Every year I manage to find myself scurrying along the banks of the McCloud River for vacation.  This happens to be the week that we are doing so.

That said, my eyes blew open at six this morning with a wonderful idea for a post. I laid there, contemplating trout rises and pulled out my Iphone, opened the appallingly-awful WordPress app, and started typing it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am enjoying typing on a virtual keyboard less and less.

The problem is, I have so many little formatting things, that I’m too incomprehensibly lazy to do it.

At least for now.

Meanwhile, I will be trying to complete reading a SINGLE book without plowing my neurological ATV into a tree.

Maybe I’ll get that barn-burner posted tonight.


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2 Responses to Derailed By The McCloud River

  1. Steve says:

    I’m not a techno-wiz being pre-digital native, but isn’t there some sort of small, portable keyboard you could get for your phone? Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Java Beanz says:

    Oh, there are Steve! Too bad Ron didn’t ask me about it before his vacation, as he could have could have borrowed my LogiTech BlueTooth keyboard to take with him ;o)


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