Jim Carrey: inspiration doesn’t get any more succinct

Technically, I’m loosely siphoning this bit of inspiration from my FaceBook feed. And since it’s most likely situationally viral, it may be no surprise to any of my followers either.

I have no idea HOW–his last statement in this video never managed to penetrate my pachydermatous common-sense PCU, but I’d come close to swearing up and down this is the first time I’ve ever heard it–or at any rate heard it expressed this succinctly.  And quite honestly, I’m at a transitional phase in my own life; I simply needed to hear this today.

I’ll grant him a theological handicap for his all-encompassing, metaphysical jargon.  And I’ll also avoid pointing to his odd, videographic-and-borderline-creepy swoons of bête amour.

But beyond that–Ace Ventura in the hole, sir:

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2 Responses to Jim Carrey: inspiration doesn’t get any more succinct

  1. Steve says:

    My instructor in marriage and family therapy talked about coming from a place of either fear or love. Good little clip – especially the part about we can fail at what we don’t want so we might as well take a chance at doing what we love. “Fear disguised as practicality…” Nice insight. Challenges my Yankee upbringing, though… I bleed practicality, except in moments of creative and not-so-creative impulsivity.

  2. mammaflybox says:

    You can fail at doing what you don’t want so you might as well do what you love…Good words!


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