So, if you’ve paid attention to the microevolutionary changes to the blog, you’ll notice a little tab called “codex.” really, this is just a lame attempt by me to be too cute by half.

It’s password protected, so you can’t get in. Unless you know the password.  And the password is the name of a band I was hoping to see this year. But I’ll give you this clue: no spaces between the words.

Vague, huh?

But don’t worry. The hissed post is just me, cogitating about where the CONFOUNDED LOOT is.  But I will use the Codex for other things later.  And the clues to breaking the password will be harder–I mean Nicholas Cage harder.

If you do break the code, leave me a message.  None can read those, either.

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One Response to Codex

  1. Queen Aej says:

    Cruelty lol. Please post if someone guesses right!


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